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Castle Hills Primary School

Castle Hills Primary School

Mrs Hodgson (F1)



Welcome back! We hope you have had a fantastic and well deserved break! We are looking forward to a fun packed term learning all about traditional tales and meeting our new children who are starting in January!


Our topic this term will be ‘Traditional Stories.

We are going through a stroll through the big fab books. The children saw the bear, and we went on a hunt!

Where are you going to boys and girls? Through a long magical path to meet the characters from enchanted lands.

On goes the children through their magical maths, learning all about numbers and practising their counting skills.

Quick as a wink we will be learning our letter sounds!

All will not be quiet in our nursery as we will be learning many things!

Take a look at our curriculum map to have a greater insight as to what we will be learning throughout the term!


Thank you for your continued support, encouraging your child to complete their targets and continuing to celebrate their achievements in their ‘Magical Me’ books.

We have an open door policy, if you wish to speak to us about anything then please do not hesitate to contact us.